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What do I get?

With your membership, you can get the latest Software and Updates on commercial extensions for AEC.

Furthermore, your membership fee goes towards supporting our public Software Manual and Tutorials if you want to study the software yourself.

A membership is not required to run our software - you can install it as many times as you want and use it forever.

However, a membership is required, to access this site for updates.

How will I be billed?

Here at Valanx, there are no recurring charges or hidden costs.

You are only billed when you choose to purchase Access or Support time, so they are paid in advance and then used as you go along.

How can I pay?

At the moment, we only accept payments through PayPal.

Don't have a PayPal Account? Just use the "Account Optional" feature and pay with your Credit Card directly.

You can also pay via eCheck, but please note that they take a while to process and we hold our services until they are fully cleared.


If you have any question, do not hesitate to write us an email at our Sales Request Form.

We usually respond within 12-24 hours, except on weekends where it might take longer.

30 day money back

If you're not happy with the commercial extensions for AEC, we offer a 30 day money-back policy on your signup.

Reduced Prices on Renewing

Existing members at Valanx get reduced prices when they renew their account:

6 months 24 €
1 year 39 €
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