Switching to Ninjaboard

We will be switching to a new forum for Valanx.org - previously, we were running a phpBB3 through JFusion and for a while, that was the best option.

That has changed now - since the first stable version of Ninjaboard was released in January. We had to wait out on this for a small while as the new releases demanded a lot more time than expected, but I have made a rash decision tonight to switch to the new forums.

That's a "switch", not a "migration"!

The old forums were with us for months and years and quite frankly - the content has grown out of control. Not only do they span multiple AEC versions, they also contain information from old versions that are not accurate anymore - in some cases even harmful. So I have decided to do a full-on switch instead of a migration (even though that would have been possible).

We will keep the old one for two more weeks. That should be enough to settle everything in there. If you have some topics that you want to rescue, feel free to copy their content to the new forum.

Feel free to comment if you have criticism or suggestions on this!

Some more in-depth considerations

The forum has been a problem for us for a while now, mainly because it was not clearly distinguishable from other parts of the site - mainly the FAQ and the Ticket System. In this new forum, we want to make it clear that it is not the place to get support from us, but one where you can share insights with other users.

It really is more of an experiment now, so you can expect a couple of changes while we find the right spot for this. Until then - I'd be happy to take suggestions. And yes we already know that the old search sucked. We're working on a new one that rocks.


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- Wednesday, 02 March 2011 03:32    Article Written by David   
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