AEC 1.0 released

After months and months of beta (and omega) releases, AEC 1.0 is finally finished.

Here is why you should upgrade

The Administration was completely revamped and, finally, features Statistics (powered by the incredible d3 library). Just the same, the Frontend got a makeover and now features a templating system that, of course, fully supports Joomla template overrides.

The Micro Integrations that you attach to your membership plans can now have their own restrictions. Combine that with the new Discount MI, et voilà: Make your users get a discount when they upgrade from plan A to plan B (but not when they were in plan C before).

While a lot of time was put in the new interface, we weren't content with just eye-candy (although that certainly is a lot of fun) - we've also worked on the basics of the software, cleaning out many inconsistencies and making everything a lot faster (sometimes by orders of magnitude).

As per usual, there is a ton of new integrations with other components and payment processors. Finally, this new version is fully compatible with Joomla 2.5.

Picture time!

While I'm redoing our tour (oh boy, does that ever look terribly dated now!), here are some impressions of what AEC brings:

You can find a download link and full changelog after the break.


Download it here. (Active Membership required)


AEC Membership Management Version 1.0 Changelog


Major Features

656: Complete Backend Revamp (break up J! Layout for more space, Toolbar, jQuery, Bootstrap) 674: Frontend rewrite with templating and support for template overrides 664: Joomla 2.5 Compatibility 331: Advanced Backend Reporting ("Sales and User Statistics") 555: One-File Installer Package 591: Install Package - Filesize Reduction to less than 2MB 619: Speed up all user related database queries, sometimes by an order of magnitude (Thanks to John Greenbury) 766: Restrictions on MIs (that, plus the Discount/Coupon MI == adjusting plan cost on upgrades between plans)

Minor Features

548: Feature Request: Clear the tempory token of a user when the go to the plans page if they have one 554: Inventory Amount for payment plans (maximum number of sales on a plan) 577: Better error reporting when failing to expire memberships on heartbeat 585: JomSocial 2.4 Compatibility 589: Retain position and publish status for modules with auto installer (or leave unpublished if new) 614: Cleanly delete plan from itemgroups when deleting plan 620: Clearing an invoice in the backend now correctly logs to History 622: AEC Export: Support exporting sales data (plain sales and different accumulates) 634: Finally fixing metauser->is_renewing() 638: RWengine to support [[subscription_id]] 642: Switch Mootabs -> FX.Tabs for cross mootools compatibility 646: Remove 'Hacks' central icon in favor of MI->Hacks page link 655: Export Page Layout that actually makes sense 672: .json, .xml and .ods options for sales&member export 676: RWengine to report on the number of invoices (cmds: 'invoice_count', 'invoice_count_paid', 'invoice_count_unpaid') 678: Support Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5 extended profiles in RWengine + Support for it in the Joomla User MI 682: Migrate Quickstart Secret Functionality to toolbox tool 'Terminal' 683: Feature Request - Populate our own checkout forms 690: Custom Plan params that are available in the template plans list ($listitem['meta']) 719: Merge Coupons and Static Coupons into a single view. Static will from now on be called 'Popular' 734: Log AEC-initiated recurring (re-)bills to the history 736: Direct creation and editing of Invoices from the Backend 739: Help Screen (Just an overlay that links to our Support - Conversions! Ka-ching!) 740: Filter Memberships by multiple plans / plan groups 749: Drilldown Selection of MIs (at 80+ MIs to choose from, this was long overdue) 751: Switching to jQuery UI Date(/Time)-Picker 757: System messages now show nicely in the top navbar 765: Dedicated switch for allowing admin emails if No Emails is active

MIs - new ones

560: Webex 613: MultiUser MI - Create user accounts 623: SSO Integration 707: Automatic Coupon 708: Automatic Discount 711: Interspire Email Marketer 712: iProperty 743: Tienda 744: RedShop

MIs - updated functionality

632: Share a Sale MI - Support cURL calls 645: VirtueMart 2 Compatibility 723: Improved JUGA MI (Thanks to P.Gasiorowski!) 725: PAP MI to support reading of PAP cookie 746: Jnews 7.5.1 compatibility 768: Modify Cost MI: Support multi-selection (with limits) and non-selection

Processors - new ones

505: Sofort Gateway 525: Ogone Processor (Thanks to Vijay Jawalapersad!) 552: MoIP HTML 559: 621: Payments Gateway Checkout 653: ZipZap 688: CardSave 745: Skrill (used to be Moneybookers) 750: Mobio 755: Billsafe 760: Paystation 762: Paycific (Thanks to Jan from !)

Processors - updated functionality

551: PayPal integration to handle "payment_status = Reversed" to automatically put memberships on Hold 579: Proper Error message for PayPal status pending_reason=intl 580: Finish Use Invoice Tax switch in the PayPal processor 549: Proper instantcapture support in ePay integration 588: Offline Processors: Use RWengine on checkout info text 599: Worldpay Test Mode URL 659: PayOS Type Setting 661: CCBill now supports Euros as a currency 689: Correctly handle PayPal Dispute Settlements 714: PSIGate Test mode 761: "Pay later" Option for Offline Payment Processors ("Pay by Invoice")


695: Invoice Cleanup Tool 727: Coupon Generator Tool 633: Support Hours Tool to collect and display support hour debt 694: Move readout to toolbox


763: Hungarian Translation (supplied by Timea Rataj & Tamas Kepesi & Gabor Mag - Thanks!) 603: Russian Frontend Translation (Thanks Waldemar Taube!) 595: Clean up language and country codes in translation files


526: AEC Rewrite Engine Plugin



605: Restrictions cause Renewal IPNs to fail 609: Problem in checkUsernameEmail() function 641: TinyMCE broken with Firefox 9 on tabbed pages 686: SSL Full encryption broken by our mootools 699: non-AEC links on frontend messed up when in a subdirectory 758: Invoice Cushion is not working right 564: Notice: Undefined property: InvoiceFactory::$checkout in .../acctexp.html.php on line 897 572: Group selection in subscribe URL broken when using menu item and custom call combined 573: Groups not showing up in Plans List 576: Back end heartbeat breaking on recurring memberships instead of skipping 578: Load language files on install properly 586: is_renewing() function off by one 587: Danish language is da-DK, not da-DA ("Like everything in life, Da-da is useless.") 592: Shopping Cart expiring memberships prematurely when subsequent, secondary plans are applied 594: Secondary plans with parent attached go to pending 600: Coupon Error not showing and redirecting 601: Issue with "efine('_" strings inside some language files 606: Menu item to Invoice tab does not work 607: Invoice on Recurring billing not formatted correctly 617: Plans List -> Show Users -> Try to edit user = broken 626: Getting rid of nuSoap (i.e. PHP5 is required if you want to use a SOAP processor) 627: VALID_AZ09 error 629: Language file errors breaking PHP 5.3+ 635: Backend Ordering on various objects (Plans, MIs...) partly broken 636: Rounding error in alpha user points causes a full discount not to be free on non-recurring 652: Fatal error: Call to a member function registerEvent() on a non-object in .../aecrewrite.php on line 16 654: Backend Pagination breaks when switching from long to short list 658: If Javascript is disabled, CB Registration errors look weird 685: Excluded Group Restrictions included Zero Membership Users (failed to work as expected with Non-Members) 691: Any Template - Continue Button Not showing on Expired page 697: List Views in Backend - Setting of list length broken 698: My Subscriptions not showing the plans the person has on the main tab 700: Error when clicking on cancel from the account pending screen 703: Jomsocial second page of Registration not appearing with SEO turned on 709: Canceling an invoice in the back end redirects wrong 713: Processor images missing on confirmation and checkout when in subdirectory 717: Call to a member function renderCost() on a non-object in .../acctexp.class.php on line 12921 720: Rare bug where broken data caused pre-expiration calls to be redone every heartbeat 721: Can Not deselect ALL CC Icons 722: ToS on Eta Carinae Template not checking to see if agreed to 726: CB Plans second broken 729: Plans second broken - Joomla Registration 730: Test Export not working 741: metaUser->getPreviousPlan() and plan_previous in permissionResponse() produce errors 742: Username not showing when account is pending 748: Shopping cart not working in new package 752: Plans / Restriction Tab in Chrome 754: list selection state broken on user list - also broken return from subscription edit save 759: Missing option to allow user editing of invoice address in ETA template 769: Can not delete any coupons 574: Coupon error when using 2 coupons as one-time discount on a recurring payment setup

Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5 Compatibility

602: vSession not working in 1.7+ 610: Direct front end links in 1.7 are wrong 615: Joomla 1.6/1.7 when entering mis-matched passwords at registration throws a 500 error 650: Joomla 1.6/1.7 Admin Approval - AEC sends out wrong email 693: Joomla 1.6+ - Override Activation Email in plan settings broken 710: Jomsocial reg failing on 2.5.x


643: Multi User MI not working 543: Tip MI does not show any text on the confirmation page and is discounted with coupon (it shouldn't) 544: JSPT MI throws some errors 569: [[invoice_amount]] does not reflect updated amount from mi_aecdonate 624: Alpha user points discount shows as TAX on the checkout page 625: No alpha user point trace into invoice. Adding them as a discount line? 647: K2 Integration 648: Google Analytics tracking 660: Mailchip MI - unsubscribe link fixed to 'valanx' (d'oh!) 673: Mail Chimp MI - Unsubscribe from list not saving 684: Tax MI not rounding when passing tax in paypal 704: mi_aecmodifycost.php Warning: Attempt to modify property of non-object... 731: Max Reuse not working in Coupon MI 738: JSPT MI not saving changes 764: function Default() never called in MicroIntegration Settings


618: Paypal WPP Express Check out - Error 8110 637: payOS - wrong period/unit values on non-recurring 732: Loading of Processor Settings broken 561: Sofortü - Missing Notification Password 666: CIM Billing Profile on My Subscriptions Screen doesn't show 728: SagePay fixes (Thanks to P.Gasiorowski!) 733: Offline payment checkout page 756: Offline Processor Image Missing 767: Processors without image lack text based sign in processor list


570: AEC Error plugin causes logout from menu item to fail 584: AECaccess should never block a login when Require Subscription is disabled


Download it here. (Active Membership required)


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