Joomla 1.5.11

Joomla has just released version 1.5.11, please hold off on any upgrades, as we are currently checking to make sure all is working OK with AEC and the new version, we will let you know.

Update! - I have just uploaded an update right here - its a new version of the AECrouting plugin that fixes issues with 1.5.11 - the "Plans First" feature was not working anymore. We are now working on fixing the situation with the "Not Allowed" page redirect not working in some instances with 1.5.11. Add a comment

Written by David Deutsch Thursday, 04 June 2009 16:18
Our 100th review!

We have gathered a good lot of reviews on the Joomla Extensions directory over the years and now we have received number 100! Here are some excerpts (spelling errors belong to their respective owners!). Of course, you can read more of them over here. Oh and while you are there - why not enter your own?

Not to forget - Thank you very much to everybody who has already taken the time to enter a review!

"AEC is one of the best examples of why Joomla reigns over Drupal or any other CMS: I honestly thought this was a commercial extension when I first used it on a client's site, and imagined it had cost AT LEAST $100 (I could see it selling like hotcakes at $200 for what it lets you do: monetize your site with subscriptions)." MediaLabPro

"AEC is the only membership component I've been using when developing Joomla! sites and I've been very pleased with it. The back-end control is very extensive, allowing the admin to control nearly all parameters. It's also a great selling tool when acquiring new clients." cinch

"it's a must for a subscription site. i love it" 10 years after

"Because we are running a membership-based web site, AEC is sort of the defining component for our installation...we depend on it heavily. It can handle simple sites, but also quite complex situations (like ours) because of the flexibility and extendability which has been incorporated into it. We have had a number of special needs and the developer has been able to do custom add-ons for us (for extra $$ of course). AEC really covers all of the needs for a subscription site." blewis

"This component is all that you would want from a subscription manager. Its support for JACL groups and the microintegration capability with other major components such as Docman is what makes this component absolutely THE BEST of the lot.

The authors have done the Joomla community a great service by making such a highly useful component available under the GNU/GPL licence." mohaneesh

"This component really stands out from the crowd. It's easy to install, it's easy to configure and best of all it actually looks the business straight out of the box." ninjaNeen

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Written by David Thursday, 07 May 2009 00:00
Manual finally online & registration fixed

With a good deal of help from fannoj (of JFusion), I have finally managed to get the manual live!

All paying members can now access it (free members: please get real and support our work). We are already halfway done getting it up-to-date with the latest development release, so don't expect it to be too sparkly, but we will get there soon.

We also had some trouble with the registration and subscription over the past few days. Funny story - did you know that some times, isset() will return a false, even if the object property you're looking for is actually there? I did not!

It is fixed now and I hope you will enjoy our now flawless subscription system so much, that it will just keep making you want to buy memberships!

On a last sidenote: I've been asked quite some times now how I created the new signup page - I will write a blog entry about that soon that encompasses everything from the graphical side (inkscape foo), to the technical side (AEC foo), to the magic side (jquery).

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Written by David Saturday, 28 February 2009 20:03
It appears we have moved!

Moving thoughtsAfter a 12+ hours Hack-a-thon, I have finally moved everything (except the manual) from over to our new home, here at A few sharp edges are yet to be figured out, but the worst nightmares did not come true. I'm particularly glad that we finally made the switch to phpBB3 - which is just a marvel to use.

Over this coming week, you will see Jake, Aaron and me work on a new kind of user/customer experience which most importantly includes a long awaited overhaul to the manual. Having spent the last four months just working and working on the AEC without seeing much else around it, I cannot wait to finally get to really show and explain it better to you folks. With the upcoming stable in particular we have some tricks up our sleeves that you probably didn't see coming.

As for me - its 5 in the morning and I will get some sleep before rounding it all up and getting it at least as usable as As always: If you like what we do here and want to support us, get a membership or tell others about it. I've seen some very flattering reviews there on JED, so thanks to everyone who has submitted his voice and: keep it coming!

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Written by David Deutsch Monday, 16 February 2009 03:45
Move to imminent
Just wanted to let everybody know: The move to is currently being prepared and in an hour or two, I will take offline and do the hard work of actually moving the data. Please stay tuned, but be advised - this could take some time! Add a comment
Written by David Deutsch Sunday, 15 February 2009 16:18
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