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What AEC is made of

Let's introduce you to the most important features of AEC:

User Subscription AdministrationSubscriptions

Within AEC, a user can hold one or more subscriptions by purchasing subscription plans.

  • Primary and Secondary Memberships (primary can restrict site login)
  • No limitation on how many a memberships a user holds
  • No limitation on how many subscribers you have on your site
  • Extensive Membership Management (see screen crop to the right)
  • Assign users to different plans, reset expiration date and much more
  • Complete Subscription History - All past memberships in one view
  • Easily navigate and separately edit amongst one users memberships
  • See and act on all current invoices for a user
  • Also shows you which coupons a user has used

Subscriber List

The Subscriber List below is the central page to handle multiple subscriptions at once. You can assign subscription plans to users directly here, as well as expiring subscriptions. And of course get an overview of which users hold which membership.

Subscriber List

Subscription Plan AdministrationSubscription Plans

Subscription Plans define the memberships that your users will be able to buy.

  • Set up as many plans as you want
  • Group Plans (and display them separately with different links)
  • Nested groups and multiple parents for plans and groups
  • Extensive Restrictions to control who can access which plans
  • Micro Integrations to add unlimited functionality to your plans

User Checkout ScreenSubscription Signup

In AEC, you have basically every freedom imaginable with how you set up your signup flow. The most used is to show the payment options first, then collect the user details, let the user confirm the selection and data and present the checkout.

  • Integrates with JomSocial, CommunityBuilder
  • (and some others)
  • Subscription Plans first or second during signup
  • (or only when the user logs in... or not at all!)
  • Speed up the Signup by skipping steps (if needed)
  • Automatically skips redundant steps
  • Confirmation page lets users revise decisions
  • Checkout shows detailed cost summary (see left)

Invoice PrintoutInvoices

After a user has decided on a subscription, the checkout page will present a checkout form or button. At this point, AEC has created an invoice in the background. This means that the decision is now on record and the user can return to the checkout whenever needed.

  • Invoices are the central point of access in AEC
  • Identified by unique invoice number and id
  • (you can customize the invoice number)
  • Cleared Invoices create Memberships
  • The Member Screen lets you modify invoices

More importantly though, AEC gives your users a lot of power for managing their own invoices!

They can:

  • Review, Pay and Cancel Invoices
  • Print out great looking physical invoices
  • (which you can customize per group and plan)
...all from their MySubscription page.


And that is pretty much it for the core features. The next page highlights a couple of the most important additional features that will make your membership management a breeze.
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