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AEC RestrictionsRestrictions

You can restrict Access to Payment Plans, Groups and Coupons with the same restrictions that take information from the user account and its subscription history. For instance, you can restrict access by:

  • which Subscription Plan the user has previously used
  • whether the user has used a Subscription Plan once before
  • (or has not used a certain Plan before)
  • the Joomla! Usergroup (works with JACL and similar ACL extensions)
  • (or set a minimum or maximum Usergroup)
  • Custom Restrictions (like "User ID over 9000")
  • or all of it together!

RW EngineReWrite Engine

The RW Engine is used in many places to allow for dynamic text:

  • Customized system AEC Emails (and Email MI mails)
  • Can pull information from the whole Invoice Process
  • Integrates user information from JomSocial and CommunityBuilder
  • Either use simple Wiki-Style tags like [[user_id]]
  • ...or create complex commands with aecJSON (an extensive syntax)


  • You can set up as many coupons as you want
  • Individual Restrictions for targeted Coupons
  • Reduce the price by percentage or direct cut - or both
  • Set what Coupons can be used for
  • Restrict the overall or per-user uses for a Coupon
  • Coupons can also have a starting and ending date


The Export function lets you download your user subscriptions in .csv format.

  • You select which fields you want to export
  • (Also allows RWengine - to include data from other components like CB or JoomSocial)
  • Filter by Status or Payment Plan
  • Save different export profiles for easy export later on


Sometimes you need a bigger picture of how you set up AEC. With the Readout function, you can get an overview of all the Settings, Plans, MIs and even their relationship.

AEC Readout

AEC TrialsTrials

  • Set up Trials for Payment Plans
  • If supported by the processor, the payment schedule is set up accordingly
  • Automatically creates Trials when a coupon allows for one reduced period

Event Log

Everything important happening in AEC gets logged in the Event Log. So if you need to figure out what happened after a payment notification came in, or whether there were any troubles with your settings - here is the place to look. Important things in the Eventlog are also shown on the central page - or emailed directly to your Administrator account.

AEC Event Log




With the History function, you will get the raw Payment Processing data - so if you want to check on a certain notification, or why another one went bad, you will get the data right here.


The Quicksearch function is about the coolest thing since sliced bread if you need to manage a lot of users. If you have any user details about a subscriber, like:

  • User Name, username, email address
  • User ID or Invoice number

You can just slot it into the Quicksearch and it directly takes you to the user screen. That makes for some fast membership management!

Oh right and it also has hidden features (check on the manual for those).


Our tour continues on the next page with a look at the Components and Services AEC integrates with.

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