Micro Integration

60 Integrations

With MIs, you can attach additional functionality to your plans and groups. Like a Plugin system, they carry out actions on certain points during a subscription.

Endless Flexibility

With locally controlled Instances of MIs, additional functionality is simple to set up and easy to maintain.

Below is an overview of existing Integrations:

JomSocial & CommunityBuilderJomSocial & CommunityBuilder MI

Automatically rewrite any profile field with this integration.

The CB MI can also help you with automatically approving paying members.

DocmanDocMan MI

With this integration, you can automatically assign users to DocMan groups and even control the number of downloads a user can do.

VirtueMartVirtueMart MI

With the VM integration, you can automatically create user accounts in VM - So if you already have a component that handles extended user profiles, you can make this MI copy over the data to VM - no more additional signup required!

TrackingConnect to Affiliate and Tracking Services

With the Post Affiliate Pro, iDevAffiliate, Amigos and JARC MIs, you can connect to popular Affililate Tracking Services. The Google Analytics and Adsense MIs help you with tracking your sales. We also have a generic MI for displaying your own Javascript- (or pixel-) based tracking code to your customers - so there really are no limits when you want to hook up to your tracking services.

OtherOther Integrations

For a lot of other well know Joomla! Components, we also offer functionality. To highlight a few:

The K2 MI assigns users to K2 groups, mosets Tree and Hot Property MIs manage how many listings a user can enter (amongst further features). The JUGA MI gives group permissions as well and with the UddeIM and RStickets MI you can send messages or create tickets, respectively. AEC can also assign JACL groups and subgroups.

NativeNative Functionality

Besides integrating with other components, MIs also provide vital functionality within AEC itself. There are MIs to modify Joomla! User Accounts, send E-Mails (and attach files to them, too), carry out MySQL queries, customize the exact Expiration date, change the way the Invoice Printout will look like, or let your users decide what a membership should cost (Donation MI). And much more!

On the next page of the tour, we are going to take a look at the Payment Services integrated with AEC.


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