Payment Processors

More than 40 Integrations

...are already built into AEC. So whatever service you want to use - chances are that you can already dive in.

We have compiled a list of the services that we have currently integrated:

Offline Processing

We also offer an integration called Offline Processing - with this, you can tell your customers where to send the money on a more traditional way (like mailing checks, or doing a wire transfer). Be advised that you will of course have some manual processing to do with that one.


Ranging from the basic html integrations up to Website Payments Pro - AEC has nearly every Paypal flavor built in. You can set up one-off or recurring payments with the basic integration (or with Payflow Link - although that does not do recurring). With the PayPal Website Payments Pro integration, you can also do processing of credit cards on your site - or use Express Checkout to have the best of both worlds.

Usual SuspectsUsual Suspects

AEC also has the other big players on board - first and foremost, in four flavors. The basic integration being like PayPal standard. But we also ship AIM, ARB and CIM - which do on site processing (one-off, recurring and profile-based payments, respectively). To finish the big player bracket, we have Alertpay and Worldpay (which both do one-off and recurring billing in AEC) and of course  2Checkout and Moneybookers. We have recently added HSBC - as another example of a more versatile processor.

Other well knownOther well known Services

Ticketmaster, Moneyproxy and Eway are well known payment services in their region. Ticketmaster is the only of the three to have built-in recurring billing. For Eway, we offer a basic html and an on-site XML based integration. Paycom, Verotel and CCBill are other well known processors (which also happen to allow adult-type websites).

LocalsLocal Services

Apart from the big players, there is a wide variety of payment services that operate either in one country, or for a smaller region. From Germany, we have NetDebit and PayOS , then from Austria, we have integrations for EPS Netpay and Paybox (a phone-based billing service). For the Netherlands, we have iDeal Basic and Advanced (still in testing). To conclude the examples for this section, we have Paybox and Paysite Cash from France.

Forgot anything?Anything missing?

Let's see, we also have: Airtoy, Allopass, Clickbank, Cybermut, Epay, Nochex, Onebip, Paybox (France), Payer, Paysignet, Psigate and VCS.

If we are missing anything, feel free to contact us - we regularly do integrations of processors for AEC and can surely help you out getting yours done, or, if you want to, we can write the integration for you.

And that concludes the core AEC Tour. If you like what you see, hop over to the next page and get yourself a membership!

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