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Invoice Refactoring

A lot of work has gone into making the invoice factory as sturdy as possible, particularly when dealing with taxes and price customization.

Professional features

Continuing the tone of last version, this new version also adds on some professional features - Tax handling has been expanded a great deal and with the new Menu Item and Import features, it will fit into your existing site like a glove. Or, well, even more so!

New Processors and MIs

Again adding processors and plugins to AEC the numbers are now at more than 60 MIs and more than 40 Payment Processors, this is the most versatile AEC ever.

Tried and Tested

Like all our releases, the latest AEC version has been extensively tested on many servers and configurations - for weeks. As always: keep in mind that this power comes at a certain price, so keep an eye on that upload limit (3MB min)!

Simplified Upgrade

Like all previous versions, all your data is preserved when you upgrade. However, that upgrading is now easier than ever - with the Joomla 1.5 update tag in place, internally, you can just install the new version of AEC and its plugins over the old one. No need to uninstall anything.

Proper Joomla Menu Items

Ever wondered why you couldn't assign a menu item to AEC properly? Well, now you can! It even picks up the ItemIDs in the AEC Settings so that the information is used when redirecting the user through the signup process.

Some cool Payment Plans stuff

Redirect on Permission Failure: You can now set your plans and plan groups to redirect to a URL if the user tried to access them without permission. This makes it very simple to prepare a different offer to different member groups.

Shopping Cart and regular checkout at the same time: You can now select whether you want your items to prefer a shopping cart or a regular "one item at a time" checkout process. This overrides the global setting and allows you to make the checkout faster for items that don't need the cart - while still keeping it for others.

Rock-solid Invoices

With all the features added around the previous version, the invoicing could, at times, get a little wonky. With the introduction of taxes via the Tax MI, it soon became apparent that the invoicing needed a good working over.

As you can see in the exotic example on the right, AEC now handles even complex situations - with multiple coupons, multiple different taxes across multiple different items in a shopping cart checkout - like a charm.

The total at the bottom also shows something we have updated - The Invoice Total is no longer computed, but collected, eliminating any rounding errors that you might have experienced in the past.

The same is of course true for the Invoice Printout, which now uses the exact same engine as the checkout page.

The major change, really, in this version is that we have backed the different checkouts and confirmation pages with a single and monolithic checkout process, which makes any checkout completely consistent.

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

With the new Tax MI, setting up taxes for your items is a breeze. Similar to the previous setup, you can provide a location list and assign individual taxes for those. In the new version, the interface for doing that is a lot simpler.

Furthermore, we have added great features for the European VAT. Not only can you auto-populate your location list with European countries, you can even set it to automatically apply local VAT rates (a requirement if your service is provided at their location).

Lastly, you can also accept a VAT number and automatically verify it with numerical verification (works across all the different EU number masks) or directly with the European VIES server.

As a standard feature, you can also make AEC transfer the VAT to your customer (a requirement for business-to-business transactions).

More Customization & Refined Frontend

You can now customize the User Details on the Confirmation page and Invoice Printout. The Module and MySubscription pages now don't show an expiration date for the user membership if it is using recurring billing, instead, they display when the next renewal billing will happen. They now also correctly list all the subscriptions a user has with their details.

The Invoice printout now also shows all payments that happened if using recurring billing.

Finally - MI Forms now also work in a cart context, so if you have MIs that request extra data, that will happen just the same way that AEC asks for clarification if multiple processors are available for an item in their cart.

Payment Processors

New MIs

Not too many new additions here, but iDeal Basic is an integration that a lot of people on the Netherlands have been waiting for. We have also included an integration of iDeal Advanced, but it's only for testing purposes right now. Please contact us if you want to help finishing it.

Lastly, we have also added HSBC, which truly was a beast. It's quite an elaborate on-site processor with extensive security.

Micro Integrations

New MIsNew Mis

  • Ninjaboard MI (Thanks to Stian Didriksen!)
  • Mailchimp MI
  • FLEXIaccess MI (Thanks to Emmanuel Danan!)
  • Kunena & Agora MI (Thanks to Joel Bassett!)
  • vBulletin MI
  • Frontend-User-Access and Admin-User-Access (by Carsten Engel)
  • Asynchronous Tracking in Google Analytics MI (Thanks again to Joel Bassett!)
  • JNews (previously Acajoom)
  • File Manipulation
  • File Unpack
  • Modify Cost MI
  • Adsmanager (by Rebekah Pitt)
  • Instant PHP - "Jobs" (by Daniel Lowhorn)
  • Support Time Tracking

Updated MIsMI Improvement

  • MI options: Regular Action Yes/No + "Only on first bill"
  • When creating MI: Copy certain settings from other instances
  • AEC Tax MI: ADD or SUBSTRACT tax from final price
  • AEC Tax MI: Rework Settings into static fields
  • AEC Tax MI: VAT Number form and VAT Number checking
  • Plan MI: Option to make secondary plans listen to duration of primary
  • UserDetails MI: Ability to set fields to "mandatory"
  • Userdetails MI: "List" field type
  • phpBB3 MI: User creation
  • phpBB3 MI: Multiple Group Assignment & Removal on action&expiration
  • Analytics MI: New google tracking code
  • Mosets Tree MI: Overall Listings Allow or Deny (not just a fixed amount)
  • MySQL MI: Specify different database
  • JoomlaUser MI: Block&Unblock feature (and no longer assigns empty usernames)
  • phpBB3 MI: User Profile Update on action&expiration
  • JomSocial MI: Group(s) assignment
  • htaccess MI: write proper Apache MD5 password hashes
  • Docman MI: clear groups first on action (thanks to berner)

A tour de force

This release has been six months in the making - amounting to over 500 revision commits. We introduce 95 new features, fix 80 major and about two times as many minor bugs and annoyances.

Too much to list, changelog

This is only a collection of the most important changes in AEC 0.14. To see all the changes, you can check out the changelog in html format here.

Update, Update!

The 0.14.2 update fixes a number of issues with the earlier release. You can find the changelog here. Highlights include:

  • A new Ninjaboard MI
  • Fixes to certain cases with the Tax MI
  • SOBI MI now clears the cache correctly
  • Fixed the Sub-Pages for AEC Menu links
  • and many more!

Helix Nebula!

One of the planetary nebulae closest to our own planet, the Helix Nebula convinces with it's extremely beautiful vista. Similar to the Ring Nebula, its ring shaped form invites the comparison to the human eye, but arguably a lot more so. If you look close enough, you can make out little dots or "knots" near the center. Every one of those about 20 thousand knots is about the size of our own solar system. (read more at wikipedia)

All AEC releases are named after interstellar nebulae - this time, we decided to be shallow and pick one that looks awesome.

Helix Nebula (Picture: Nasa)

So - this is what AEC is and what we have lately done with it. If you like what you see, hop over to the next page and get yourself a membership!

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